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The Top 10 ChatGPT Prompts most commonly asked by Human Resources Professionals
ChatGPT can streamline several human resources processes, from recruiting and onboarding to training and development, saving time and effort that can be devoted to higher-level tasks. We set ourselves to find out what are the most common prompts that...
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The Psychology of Recognition at Work
What is the Psychology of Recognition at Work?The psychology of recognition is a fascinating area of study that explores the way in which people perceive and respond to recognition from others. Recognition has a positive psychological impact on perfo...
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15 ideas for celebrating International Family Day at the workplace
Your employees spend as much time with their teammates as they spend with their families, isn’t it true? Families are such a great part of someone’s life that it’s only smart to nurture them too, in order to keep your employees happy.Families have th...
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Upreciate Employee Recognition ROI Calculator
The ROI of Employee Recognition
More and more companies are investing on Employee Recognition as they acknowledge all the benefits for the business. Like every other investment you should measure its performance and whether it’s yielding the expected results or not.If you’re design...
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measure happiness enps employee net promoter score upreciate
How to Measure Employee Happiness
Are your employees happy? Do you have the data to support your answer? If the answer is no, how do you know if your investment in employee satisfaction is paying off?A study in early 2022 found that nearly 60% of workers feel some negative emotion ab...
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Thank You Goes a Long Way in the Workplace
Thank you is one of the most used expressions around the world, but half of the times we say these two words out of habit. Don’t be fooled, ‘Thank you’ is not just an ordinary phrase, it holds a great deal of power. It has the power to influence othe...
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