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Employee Recognition through Gamification

Upreciate is a mobile app that promotes positive feedback and peer to peer recognition, to enhance Engagement while using a Gamification Platform.

Employees can recognize each other and benefit directly from


Give a Thumbs Up

With Upreciate you can easily react to your colleagues' work by giving a Thumbs Up for a presentation or collaboration on a project.

The Thumbs up will apear on the app feed and all the organization can react to it.

Skill Recognition

Instant and continuous feedback is extremely important for skill development. Promote a healthy but competitive organizational environment.

Mood Board

With a Happiness Score that gathers real time feedback on your employee’s feelings, you can get a grip of the state of the art and spot moments of overall dissatisfaction and act on it while it’s time. 

Reward System

Choose the rewards that best suit your employees!

Every time an employee gets recognized, he gets points to redeem for a variety of reward options.

When people get to choose their rewards, they find it more fulfilling.

Social Feed Interaction

Praise in public, criticize in private, they say. It encourages the person to repeat that good behaviour and others to follow. A social feed that displays the given recognition will celebrate performance and the Leader Board will fuel some healthy competition to always go the extra mile.  

92% of workers are more likely to repeat a specific action after receiving recognition for it. 

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Quick Backoffice Setup

Easily setup your organization, employees, skills, push notifications and launch your game!

Easy Data Integration

Just start by integrating your employee data through file.

User Management

Add, manage and change user permissions.

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